Our Services

• Cut To Size

We accept Cut to Size order in Large Dia or Heavy Wall Pipes, Tubes, Plates & Bars. Cut to Size ensures minimizing estimation of project & product wastage.

• Fabrication

We can provide Custom Fabrication Jobs in Pipes, Fittings, Flanges, Pipe Spools, Plates with certified ASME A, S, U, U2, PP, NB, R Stamp.

• Forging

Open Die & Close Die Forgings from 50gms upto 3000 Kg per piece in Bars, Flanges, Rings, Piping Component, Blanks etc.

• Coating

Coatings provides improves shelf life of the product whereas finishing improved physical appearance of the products. Most Commonly used Zinc plating to Dacromet & Ptfe Coating can be itemised in the order.

• Heat Treatment

Unifit Metalloys claims to provide heat Treatment as per requirement whether annealing, Tempering, Age hardening, Precipitation hardening. Provided on demand.

• Third Party Inspection

Complete product line can be certified with compliance from any third party inspection in the Market.