General Properties of ss 317 and 317l tube fittings

General Properties of ss 317 and 317l tube fittings

March 15, 2021 Off By Unifit Metalloys Inc

What is SS 317 and 317L?

SS 317 is an austenitic alloy of chromium-nickel and molybdenum. Whereas, alloy 317L or UNS S31703 is a low carbon-containing material has high corrosion resistant. The elements of 317 ensure the superior capacity against chloride pitting and general corrosion resistance. Both ss 317 and ss 317L grades provide enhanced resistance and strong ability to work in corrosive environments. These ss 317 317l tube fittings are suitable for working in an atmosphere containing sulphur, chloride, and halide solutions.

Properties of ss 317 317l tube fittings

Here, SS 317L, the low carbon-containing alloy of 317L allows tube fittings to undergo welding without impacting intergranular corrosion. Also, it prevents the action of chromium carbide precipitation. The presence of nitrogen provides additional strength to tube fittings. Alloy 317 (UNS S31700) is non-magnetic if used in the annealing temperature. Tube fittings of SS 317 and SS 317L are capable of hardening due to cold working. Alloy 317L is easy to undergo welding and shop fabrication procedures. Types 316 (UNS S31600) and 316L(S31603) offers higher creep and ability to stress-to-rupture. Besides, they show good tensile strength at higher temperature range. Along with this, the nickel offers excellent fabrication ability and formability.

Resistance abilities of ss 317 317l tube fittings

SS 317 and 317L tube fittings are more resistant to the mild type of corrosion than grade ss 302, 304 and 304L. Due to the molybdenum’s presence, ss 317 tube fittings are less resistant to oxidizing acids such as nitric acid. Besides, SS 317L has outstanding corrosion resistance against various chemicals. SS 317 317l tube fittings react in the temperature range between 800 – 1500°F (427 – 816°C). Additionally, grade 317 has resistance to sulfuric acid, chlorine and phosphoric acid. Tube fittings of SS 317 and SS 317L are useful in an environment containing hot organic and fatty acids such as food and pharmaceutical units.

General features and properties of ss 317 317l tube fittings

SS 317 317l tube fittings are higher creep resistant and holds good tensile strength. These tube fittings work well at elevated temperature. Besides, these tube fittings have a clean surface finish.